Beetroot, Edamame Bean & Feta Salad

Beetroot, Edamame Bean and Feta Salad.

This salad is an excellent source of protein, complex carbohydrates, omega 3 essential fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals.  It contains ingredients that will help optimise & sustain an even release of energy and support the immune system.

For one portion:

Handful of salad leaves e.g. rocket and watercress

50g edamame beans - fresh or defrosted frozen are both OK – simmer for about 3 minutes and then cool.

50g feta cheese

I small beetroot, cooked, cooled and peeled - cut into bite sized pieces

Level tbsp lightly toasted pine nuts


Whisk or mix the first 3 ingredients together:

1 tablespoon sunflower oil

Juice of half lemon

Dessertspoon of white wine vinegar

Mix in the herbs and season with black pepper to taste

Chopped fresh mint – to suit your taste

Black pepper

Arrange the salad leaves on a plate, followed by the beetroot, edamame beans and crumbled feta cheese.

Finish with the pine nuts, dressing and mint.

Serve and enjoy!

The feta cheese, edamame beans and pine nuts are all excellent sources of amino acids (protein).

The dark salad leaves are rich in essential minerals and antioxidant nutrients.

Beetroot is high in nitric oxide which helps dilate the capillaries and increase blood flow to the brain.

This helps optimise oxygen and nutrient levels vital for brain function.  A good source of fibre, beetroot also supports the bodies detoxification processes and the immune system.