Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie

This breakfast smoothie is full of flavour, contains good levels of essential nutrients and gives a slow sustainable release of energy throughout the morning.

1 small banana

2 tablespoons natural yoghurt

2 tablespoons porridge oats

Handful of berries, such as blueberries or strawberries (you can use frozen and defrosted berries)

½ pint unsweetened soya, almond, rice or oat or cow’s milk

Place all ingredients in a liquidiser and liquidise until smooth – about 30 seconds.

The quantities in this recipe makes 1 large portion or 2 small portions.

This is a well balanced meal in a glass.

It contains good levels of a variety of essential nutrients, including:

Protein in the oats, yoghurt and milk

Protective antioxidant vitamins and minerals in the fruit

Energy producing B vitamins in the oats and yoghurt

Yoghurt contains beneficial bacteria, which helps support a healthy digestive tract.

Fibre in oats and fruit.

Low glycaemic giving a slow, sustainable release of energy.

Easy for the body to digest and for absorption of nutrients