Coconut Pancakes with Fresh Mango, Kiwi and Passion Fruit

Coconut pancakes with mango kiwi and passion fruit

This tropical combination of flavours and colours looks amazing and tastes great too!

These pancakes are a delicious treat for brunch at the weekend.  Best eaten warm straight after cooking, but that’s not possible then re-heat for a few seconds in the microwave.

Makes approx. 8 pancakes

135g plain flour – I used a 50:50 combination of plain white flour and wholemeal spelt flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tbsp. golden caster sugar

130ml milk

1 large egg

1 tbsp. desiccated coconut

2 tbsp. melted butter (cooled) or olive oil

Small amount of sunflower oil for cooking

Sieve the sugar, flour and baking powder into a bowl.  Add the coconut.

In a separate bowl whisk the egg and milk together.  Add the melted butter/oil and mix thoroughly.

Add the egg mix to the flour mix and whisk together until you have a smooth batter.

Leave to stand for a few minutes.

Heat a non-stick pan over a low heat.  Brush with a little oil.

Add a small ladle of batter mix and cook until the top of the pancake begins to bubble.  Turn it over and cook the other side.

When both sides of the pancake are golden brown the pancake is cooked. Repeat until all the batter has been used.

Serve warm with slices of mango and kiwi & a spoonful of passion fruit pulp drizzled over the fruit.

Spelt is classified as an ancient grain and is often better tolerated than modern strains of wheat.  Wholegrains are a rich source of nutrients and contain good levels of fibre.

Mango is a good source of fibre, necessary for optimal digestion.  It is rich in Vitamin C & one of the few fruits to contain Vitamin E.  Both these vitamins are important for healthy, vibrant skin & nails.

Kiwi fruits are rich in anti-inflammatory Vitamin C and many other key nutrients, including potassium and phytonutrients known to have a variety of anti-aging effects.

Coconut is rich in vitamin E and other essential micronutrients.